Takeaway: Meetings take too much time—the best way to counter this is to shrink your meeting lengths, and focus those conversations. The 10 strategies below will help you do both.

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One of my personal productivity rules is to never attend meetings that lack an agenda. I’m all about deliberate meet-ups, and you can achieve this in two ways: by shrinking your meeting length, and by making a meeting more focused (which also saves time).

Here are 10 powerful ways to do both.

To shrink the length of your meetings:

  1. Run fiveminute meetings. The Wall Street Journal recently wrote a piece about managers who run five-minute-long meetings. In those meetings, people speak for around 15-30 seconds at a time, providing status updates and asking quick questions. There’s no time for lengthy presentations, small talk, or long-winded anecdotes. Many companies…

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