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by Jules IKEAHacker

12 Ways to IKEA Hack Summer | IKEA Hackers

With sunshine streaming in through the windows and our warm weather gear finally getting a chance to be worn, now is definitely the time to start living life outdoors! Whether you’re spending your summer at home by the pool and are looking for the perfect excuse to dig out your meat tongs, we’ve gotten brilliant ways to get you IKEA hacking your summer.

1. Light up with colors

IKEA SOLVINDEN flower light chain | IKEA Hackers

IKEA hacking doesn’t get much simpler than this! Cut up leaf shaped parts out of the foil and slide at least 5 multi-colored leaves onto a wire. Loop the wire around the SOLVINDEN lightchain and watch your summer nights bloom. Even by day, the flower lights are really pretty. Click here for more. Also try these patio lights or these party lights.

2. Have a cookout outdoors

IKEA Varde outdoor barbecue stove | IKEA Hackers

BBQ here we come! Granted. It’s not a traditional barbecue pit but you can still grill (and stew and boil!) on this one. This easy IKEA hack (formerly a VARDE sink counter) even has a nifty space to store the gas tank. Click here for the lowdown. And when you are done cooking, you’re gonna need this.

3. Fill the air with music

BEKVAM cart with music streaming | IKEA Hackers

Companion to the stove! Here’s an idea to make things even more interesting. Add an outdoor amp and an Apple AirPort Express to a BEKVAM kitchen cart, so that you can listen to Happy while the barbecue sizzles.  Click here for the details.

4. Stay cool like the Fonz

IKEA TARVA Ice Chest hack | IKEA Hackers

All that grilling is bound to make you hot and sweaty. You will need plenty of fluids to cool down. Here’s how to always have icy cold beer ready to serve. And what’s cooler than this handsome TARVA ice chest? See the tutorial here.

5. Try something different

Lingonberry Coke | IKEA Hackers

If beer is not your thing, why not try some thing Swede? Some swear by this Lingonberry Coke concoction. Recipe here.

6. Turn up the heat

IKEA FRAKTA halter dress | IKEA Hacker

Style up! Okay, plastic is probably not the best choice for summer but what can I say, the cut is perfect for summer! Make one in an IKEA fabric? Click here for more.

7. Cozy up and soak in the sun

IKEA APPLARO outdoor lounge | IKEA Hackers

Put up your feet in this cozy lounger, shielded with the APPLARO screen. Bask in the sun and enjoy the hot summer days and get your fill of Vitamin D. Click here for more. Or hack your old POANG for a new summer look.

8. Let them play with abandon

TROFAST Mud kitchen | IKEA Hackers

There’s fun under the sun for the little ones too. A mud kitchen + play kitchen in one equals hours of playtime. And it takes no time to put this set up together. See how you can make one today.

9. Grow your wild side

IKEA FINTORP Window Herb Garden | IKEA Hackers

Summer’s a great time to get your green thumb going. This window herb garden hack lets you get started in an afternoon. All you need is a shower curtain rod, FINTORP Cutlery Caddy, BYGEL S-Hook, soil and herbs of your choice. See how it’s done here.

10. Don’t forget protection

Umbrella stand from IKEA lamp shade | IKEA Hackers

It’s too hot out, we get it! You need a little shade, but you’ve got no umbrella stand. No problem! Enter the MELODI lamp, the perfect mould for a homemade umbrella stand. Click here for the full tutorial and product list.

11. Make new friends

socker bird feeder

Using the mini SOCKER greenhouse and turning it into a window birdfeeder/birdhouse is a brilliant way to connect with the great outdoors, even if the weather isn’t quite as cheery as you’d have hoped. Click here for the full tutorial.

12. Get moving

DIY bike carrier rack | IKEA Hackers

The weather’s perfect for roaming the streets. DIY a carrier rack from a trivet, and haul those groceries home on your bike instead. Click here to see more.

Whatever your plans this summer, make it a creative one with some of these IKEA hacks!

And now, over to you. What IKEA Hacking projects are you working on this summer?


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