Started in 2011 the Entrepreneurship School began with one idea: university professors aren’t teaching students how to become successful entrepreneurs. There is not enough entrepreneurship education in Europe. Universities are too theory based, with participants learning from professors who don’t engage with the real life situations needed for success.

How is the Entrepreneurship School changing this?

1. It is the first School without professors

We believe that the most effective teachers to inspire entrepreneurship are actual entrepreneurs. Only real and successful entrepreneurs sharing their experience to help aspiring young people unlock their true potential. Speakers from past editions have come from different working fields: education (Tiziano Peccenini founder of Wall Street Insitute), technology (Charles Mok, Legislative Councillor Information Technology HKSAR), fashion (Jennifer Cheng founder of Glam-it!), media (João Seabra founder of Jump Willy, creative studio Hong Kong) marketing (Luca Barberis manager at ZALORA), in order to satisfy all the participants’ interests.

ThinkYoung’s Entrepreneurship School

ThinkYoungs Entrepreneurship School

2. It takes place in the most vibrant cities of the word

Brussels, Hong Kong, Madrid, Athens and Gurgaon! No better cities to connect with people from all over the world and to enjoy the exciting nightlife around Asia and Europe. Eleven editions of the Entrepreneurship School have been realised giving almost 600 participants the possibility to visit International companies such as Google and Huawei and Institutions including the European Parliament and the University of Hong Kong. With a mix of cultures attending learning entrepreneurship is less hard and more fun.

ThinkYoungs Entrepreneurship Schools

3. It rewards the best business idea

Young people have always had innovative and brilliant ideas but most of the time they don’t really have the tools to shape their ideas and make them real. Starting your own business is a big challenge and apart from the entrepreneurial idea other steps need to be followed. The Entrepreneurship School works on five main themes which are actually the five steps to starting a business: marketing and media, capital, human resources, networking and failure. At the end of the five day program participants present their business idea and get feedback from successful entrepreneurs and judges. The best idea will be financially supported and developed by ThinkYoung’s Entrepreneurship School and its partners!

ThinkYoung Entrepreneurship School

The next Entrepreneurship School in Brussels is ThinkYoung’s biggest challenge. New partnerships, new companies, new entrepreneurs to make the School interesting and to network with like-minded people from all over the world. Get more info at or send an email to:

*Ilaria Vitiello, ThinkYoung Media & Communication Officer

Ilaria Vitiello

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