Takeaway: Principles, by Ray Dalio, guides you through the precise principles that billionaire Ray Dalio used to create the largest hedge fund in the world. I highly recommend this book—because of how introspective, straightforward, and helpful it is. A few nuggets that stuck with me: that we should consider the second and third-order consequences of the decisions we make; that pain is a sign we’re onto something; that traditional success isn’t always worth chasing; that we should mind our intellectual blind spots; and the reason why relationships are more important than money.

Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes, 3s.

Principles, by Ray Dalio, is a great book, and one I highly recommend. In it, the billionaire investor and entrepreneur behind investment firm, Bridgewater, guides readers through the principles that have defined his personal and professional life. I’m not usually a…

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