The Best 30-And-Over Celebrity Abs

7 Celebrities Whose Rock-Hard Abs Are Stone-Cold Proof That 30 Isn’t Old

The Best 30-And-Over Celebrity Abs

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We want you to know what once you turn 30, it's not really all downhill. Sure, some aches and pains will be more frequent. Maybe you won't bounce back like you used to. But if you want a gladiator-bod, just know that a gladiator-bod is possible — even if your 20's are officially in the rearview mirror. And these shredded celebs are proven examples. Let's jump ahead here and before you say, "well these guys get paid to look like superheroes and have personal trainers and special diets and I don't have time for all that." 

No, no, no. You don't have to look like The Rock. But you can have you summer body all year long if you want it. These guys put the work in, you've just got to punch the clock too. 

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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There seems to be nothing The Rock can't do. He was even talking about a potential presidential run earlier this summer. The 45-year old actor, former wrestler and college football player has a body that looks like it was carved by hand and his no stranger to lifting big weight, crushing bodybuilding style workouts and practicing healthy eating habits. His training and diet usually reflect the role his prepping for. Here, The Great One, snapped a quick selfie after crushing a workout before sitting ringside for UFC214. The Rock was a lean 238 pounds for his role in Baywatch, but jacked at 260 pounds — and eating 6,000 calories a day — for his part in Fast And Furious 8. 

Kevin Hart

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If you follow Kevin Hart on any of his social channels, you know that this dude is always putting in work and the results prove it. Hart has cemented as the funniest fitness ambassador alive. At 38, he posted this snap in the middle of a 9-miler after he annouced that he decided to run the New York City Marathon. Hart even has his own Nike training shoes and recently revealed that he's working on his own supplement line. His Instagram is full of photos and video of the world-renowned comedian getting after it in the gym and on the road with his personal trainer, Ron "Boss" Everline. 

Idris Elba

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Somehow Idris Elba manages to do literally everything there is to do and is still remarkably ripped. Sure, Elba is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, as The Dark Tower, based on a Stephen King novel series, is ready to be released in theaters Aug. 4, but he's also a successful DJ nicknamed DJ Driis, a style maven, a real-life kickboxer.  The London-born actor had been training in Muay Thai since his 20s but never competed in a match until his first (and only) pro fight which he included in his docu-series Idris Elba: Fighter. The 44-year old is even up for the role as the next James Bond. Here, he poses after a session with former English pro boxer, and two-time world champ, Nigel "The Dark Destroyer" Benn. 

Jay Ellis

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Hello before and after shots. If you haven't heard of Jay Ellis or his character in HBO's hit series Insecure, a) you're missing out and b) you will soon. Ellis plays Lawrence, the ex-boyfriend of rising star Issa Rae in the show and the 35-year old cut 15 pounds for the role. His character has undergone a total makeover of sorts, ever since he ditched his Best Buy uniform. Most noticably, the change has been in this body. Ellis told People that since his character was training for a marathon, he would too for, you know, authenticity. He started with just a mile a day, then 5 miles, running 4-5 days each week. He also started boxing and cut back on the heavy carbs. 

Ryan Reynolds

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The star that plays the foul-mouthed superhero Deadpool recently revealed to Men's Health that he, like an respectable New Yorker, has a thing for pizza and claims that Harlem's Patsy's Pizza is "pretty much the best pizza… on the whole planet." And while he may not be a crazy stickler to a strict eating plan, his body certainly shows that he's not slacking in the gym. Reynolds, the 40-year old star of Hitman's Bodyguard, works with celeb trainer Don Saladino in New York, who posted this side-by-side, and mixes in a combination of strength-building compound lifts like deadlifts and squats and movement training that keeps him agile. 

Sterling K. Brown

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If this is what 40 looks like, we can all go ahead and look forward to it. Sterling K. Brown, who plays Randall in NBC's hit show This Is Us, is seen in this bathroom selfie, fully shredded for his role in the upcoming edition of The Predator set to debut in 2018. Brown also joined the cast in Ryan Coolger's Black Panther. His cut up frame proves his ready.

Channing Tatum

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The 37-year old's abs are mostly known around for his role in 2015's Magic Mike XXL but Tatum is also responsible for the Jonah Hill's remarkable fitness transformation. Hill asked Tatum if he simply at less and hired a personal trainer, if he could change his body. Credit Tatum with proving the straight talk: "Yes you dumb motherf**ker," Tatum told Hill. "It's the simplest thing in the world."

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