Trending News: This Is Why You Should Never, Ever, Climb Over A Spiked Fence

Long Story Short

A Russian guy staggered to the hospital dripping blood after he ripped his penis off on a spiked fence, according to reports.

Long Story

Ever climbed over a fence? Of course you have. But you probably never will again after seeing this.

A 27-year-old guy was drunk one night and tried to leap over a metal fence in Kuznetsk, Russia. Drunk injuries usually amount to bumps and bruises, but what this guy suffered is so, so much worse. According to British media reports, a spike caught him on his pants and punctured right through. Hanging there for a bit, he managed to set himself free, but left something behind — his freaking dick!

The poor guy rushed to the hospital, bleeding profusely, and managed to survive.

Locals in the town then went back and took pictures of the hanging dick. You can even see the ripped jeans if you look closely.

Vkontakte/east2west News

I know what you’re thinking: No way this is true. And I thought the same thing, but apparently police confirmed that this horrific accident happened to Progorod58 news website.

“He impaled himself while climbing over the metal fence,” a police source said.

I know this is the quote going around, but I don’t speak Russian so I can’t verify 100% if this is true or not. By the way, please don’t tell me if it is true because I prefer to remain in a state of disbelief. Thank you very much for your cooperation. 

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