We’ve heard claims that social media breeds narcissism, and according to some studies it does. We have become obsessed with over-perfect and stylized versions of ourselves, thereby creating ‘near-perfect’ online personas that are not a true reflection of who we are. Video maker Casey Neistat and his team intend to change that with a new app called Beme.

Beme is a social media app unlike any other. Instead of requiring users to spend time staring at their smartphones, the app lets you share important moments by placing your phone on your heart. The proximity sensor on the iPhone works as a record button and will automatically record and upload a four-second clip. Beme does not offer any review or edit options so once you’ve taken the video, it’s over and done with. Additionally, instead of liking or commenting on posts, friends can send a selfie of their reaction to your video. Posts can also not be viewed more than once limiting the app to real time reactions.

Beme can be downloaded from the App Store. Early adopters of the app can get the access codes and further details by following Neistat’s YouTube channel.