The BenQ HT3050 is am $800 home projector that tries to reach toward high end projection qualities while still keeping the price as low as possible. It doesn’t quite succeed in this, but it is a notable contestant in the middle of the market. Let’s take a closer look!


This 1080p 3D projector offers a 100-inch images from 8.4 feet, with options for up to 100 feet of coverage (and an option 2D keystone side projection). The stereo speaker in the model offers up to 20 watts of sound. At 2000 lumens, it’s not the brightest projector, but it does come with lens shift option, which may help with closer placement. Ports in the model include both 3 HDMI ports, with an included MHL connection.


  • Accurate color without adjustment
  • Low lag


  • Some installation limitations
  • Not as good as high-end models
BenQ HT3050 Back

BenQ HT3050 ports

Projector Reviews

Projector Reviews recommends this BenQ model for those who want something better than an entry-level home projector, but don’t have much to spend. They put its brightness and image processing at better than low-end projectors, but not really comparable to high-end models. Fortunately, they did approve of the ports and features, although they found the picture looked best without any tinkering.

“BenQ’s big pitch for this “Colorific” projector is its REC 709 mode.  It doesn’t matter what you call it, some might call that mode; Cinema, or Theater or Movie, or???  The point is that BenQ does a very good job, providing rather accurate color right out of the box in their REC 709 mode which is the best looking one.

Because both the HT3050 and it’s big brother, the HT4050 both have REC 709 modes, I had hoped that the same calibration settings for the HT4050 would work for the HT3050.  They do not!  Normally I would have had the HT3050 calibrated in that case, but at $999, where few will ever bother to pay someone to calibrate their projector, I decided it wasn’t worth the trouble since that REC 709 mode looks so good without any adjustment.”

PC Mag

PC Mag notes that the projector makes a good upgrade from cheap 3D home projects (although it does come without 3D glasses, and praises the sound system as far better than expected. However, they did note that rainbow artifacts may be a problem for some users.

“The HT3050 is a touch bigger than most home-entertainment projectors, at 4.8 by 15 by 10.9 inches (HWD), and on the heavy side, at 7 pounds 14 ounces. That makes it a little less portable than most, which might be an issue if you want a projector that you can easily move from room to room or take to a friend’s house to watch a movie. BenQ says that the extra size and weight goes hand in hand with the better-than-typical sound quality, however. And keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to carry and set up a projector that weighs a pound or two more than most than it would be to carry a lighter projector plus a separate audio system.”

Amazon Users

Amazon users were overall impressed with this BenQ, praising multiple facets including color, low noise levels, good keystone controls, and visual clarity. Some of the few problems noted by repeat reviews including difficulties setting up on a shelf (the projector apparently works best with a ceiling mount) and some overheating after continued use.

“After much review, tech support, pictures, youtube reviews, etc, I chose the HT3050. Im very happy with my choice. I have about a 156″ super clear display at about 13ft. The benefit of the 2150ST was the low latency in gaming lag. Well, the first time I played my XboxOne through the HT3050, I noticed no lag whatsoever. The picture quality on this thing is astounding. Every color is vivid and colorful. There are no rainbow effects. No lag between frame rates. If you are debating between this one and another projector in this price range, I guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with this projector. I have it in Eco mode and the picture quality literally didn’t even seem to diminish. So I’m getting a lot more lamp life out of an amazing looking projector.”

Bottom Line

If you really want a 3D projector but also want it to do other things, this BenQ may be a good choice. Just make sure your mounting options match.

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