Bentley, the crafter of fine automobiles since 1919, has commissioned four Savile Row houses to create unique, modern interpretations of the classic driving jacket. The resulting works by renowned Savile Row houses Dege & Skinner, Gieves & Hawkes, Henry Poole and Huntsman showcase the expert tailoring and bespoke craftsmanship that Bentley and Savile Row is known for.

“This partnership highlights two luxury businesses that share a history of handcrafted detail, and who both continue this tradition of uncompromising quality into the 21st Century,” Bentley said in a statement announcing the collaboration.

When designing the driving jackets, the four Savile Row houses took inspiration from the spirit of the Bentley Boys both past and present. The jackets themselves have one foot in the past, with rich textures, luxe fabrics and painstaking attention to detail, while keeping the slim silhouette of the modern era.

The collaboration is part of the “Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship” exhibition taking place in Washington, D.C. The jackets will then travel back to London, where they will be on view in each of their respective Savile Row houses. The bespoke jackets are available from each house by private commission.