Celebrities have great style. Well, most have great style. While some celebrities aren’t also the best at picking out chic threads, a majority keep up with trends and choose appropriate clothing for their body types. Whether they have stylists who choose everything for them or they pick it out themselves, they’re almost always lookin’ fly.

This means that celebrities are exceptional style inspiration for you to model your own outfit choices on. While seeing clothes on other people doesn’t mean it will work for you, you get an idea of how something can look on someone with a similar body type. And since it’s summer, there are a ton of opportunities for you to check out some of the best swim trunks around.

This gallery will show you celebrities with different body types and styles. With different fits, patterns and colors, you’ll get a good idea if these will also work for you. Take a look at the best celebrity swim trunks of the summer.

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