BuQu Tech PowerArmour iPhone 6 Battery Case

The iPhone 6’s battery ain’t half bad.  In fact, with a bit of tweaking, caressing, and light usage, you can easily get 24 hours of use from it.  But the reality of the matter is that no one thinks how to use their phone.  They make calls, text, watch videos, and perform all sorts of frivolous (read: snapchatting) activities.  So, inevitably, enter the BuQu Tech PowerArmour iPhone 6 Battery Case.

Inside the case is a 2,800mAh battery.  That’s about 1,000 more mAh than the iPhone’s built-in battery.  Not bad, but more on that in a bit.

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The case itself is finished in that black soft touch rubber that makes it seem almost velvety soft.  Today you can find the same finish in a vast array of products, so it’s opulence is some what diminished by ubiquity, but nevertheless I enjoy it.

Because the PowerArmour is a single piece, or as they call it a unibody construction, inserting the iPhone 6 couldn’t be easier.  In fact, it’s probably the least cumbersome of battery cases I’ve ever used, at least when it comes to adding or removing the actual phone.  Some of the credit can also go to BuQu Tech’s patented slide-lock lightning connector, which simply slides down when inserting the iPhone 6, and then back up, inserting the Lightning connector into the iPhone 6.

However, the caveat to this design would seem to be, aside from aside bulk, a design that feels fairly unremarkable in thought.  The sides of the case don’t fully wrap the iPhone 6’s bevel and nor do they wrap around the edges. They just stand, sort of like a wall, next to them.

And that unibody design; not so much.  There is a seam that runs the circumference of the PowerArmour and while it’s flush at the base, close to the slide-lock, there is a slight lip that can be detected as I slide my finger up the side.  That said, all the buttons are accessible, and included are the necessary ports for the speaker and microphone.

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Flipping the BuQu Tech PowerArmour case over reveals a set of LEDs that can be illuminated at the push of a button.  There are 4 in total, they glow blue, and each represent 25% of the battery’s charge.  Surprisingly, they seem to be an accurate represenatation of what juice is left in the battery.  An adjacent switch powers the PowerArmour on and off – red indicates off, green on.

At the base of the case, there is a microUSB for charging.  And next to it is a port for a headphone jack.  Unfortunately, and like so many other cases of a time past, you’ll need to use the included headphone jack attachment since the port is of the recessed type and isn’t reachable by most headphones (unless of course the headphones use a straight jack that is narrow in circumference).

In use the BuQu Tech PowerArmour, as far as battery is concerned, is impressive. However, at 2800mAh I’d expect more than a single charge from the case, but that’s all that I was able to attain from an almost discharged state (1% was left).  Leaving the BuQu Tech case turned on, and my iPhone 6 at 100%, resulted in about an 80% charge by day’s end.  So suffice to say, you could likely go a few days without a charge.

The size of the BuQu Tech PowerArmour, as with any battery case, is always a concern.  It just about doubles the thickness of the iPhone 6 and all the while adds just shy of a half of inch of length, and about .3 ounces of weight.  But again, these are common caveats to any phone battery case.

There is most certainly some added protection, and there is no knocking the PowerArmour’s ability to just about fully charge my iPhone 6 from an almost dead state.

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