Takeaway: Feelings of discomfort, fear, and pain are unpleasant. But they’re also an important sign that a task, project, or conversation is valuable. Instead of avoiding these feelings, run towards them.

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes, 20s.

There’s a remarkable amount of value in chasing discomfort.

Look at the projects on your plate, and ask which make you feel the least comfortable. You’ll usually find these projects are extraordinarily valuable, and that your aversion is caused by the fact that they’re difficult, frustrating, and ambiguous. While these feelings are uncomfortable, they are precisely what make certain experiences valuable.

Similarly, think of the conversations you’ve been meaning to have at work and at home. The ones you’re most averse to are probably the most important. The same goes for DIY projects you’re avoiding; emails left unanswered in your inbox;…

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