Resting 1,066 meters above sea level, the Ustaoset Cabin takes advantage of the stunning landscapes Norway has to offer. The home takes a minimal approach to the traditional mountain cabin with clean lines and vertical pine cladding, meant to weather into its natural backdrop over time. The exterior is mimicked on the inside where light pine planks cover the ceiling, walls, and floor. Although appearing compact in size, accommodations for 13 are found between two rooms, a modular living room, and bunk lofts. The rest of the home is comprised of an open living area with an angled ceiling and full-height glazing, exposing views of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, as well as a nearby lake and glacier.


Knut Bry / Jon Danielsen Aarhus

  • Balancing on a small knoll in the Berkshires, the Undermountain House takes inspiration from the primitive architecture of the region. The extended single-story structure is clad in dark cypress planks and topped by a simple pitched roof. A stone base levels the house with a sloped hillside, allowing for the home to hover above the landscape. Between the two foundations, a rain garden made from large boulders keeps the elements off of the home by funneling water to a nearby pond. Internally, the home adopts an open floor plan, ending with a screened in porch with a fireplace that can be enjoyed throughout the year.


    Michael Moran / O’neill Rose Architects