Colombia Powerhouse Titanium Omni-Heat Boot

This is one winter boot that will never turn your pedals into popsicles. Made of the toughest materials and given a design that will make footwear used in the urban settings fold in humility, the Powderhouse Titanium Omni-Heat 3D OutDry boot is a pair that is worth taking to the coldest environments while giving you a style that’s in tune with your outdoorsy, adventurous personality.

Featuring Michelin’s Winter Compound, the Powderhouse is one warm and comfy footwear for taking on the snowy slopes of your favorite winter resort. It is specifically designed to keep the feet extra-warm and toasty even in sub-zero temperatures. The use of the winter compound plus the Omni-Heat 3D thermal reflective inner lining gives this winter boots excellent cold temperature resistance even in minus-65 degrees Fahrenheit environments. Add to this its phenomenal 600g insulation and you’ll know the Powderhouse is indeed built for the coldest scenarios.

Made of the durable Techlite shell and integrating the innovative OutDry technology, the Powderhouse easily brings comfort to one’s feet while also ensuring optimum breathability so your pedals won’t suffocate inside its armor-like shell. The same Techlite technology gives this winter boot superior cushioning. While it doesn’t feel like the inside of a Bentley, it does cradle your feet like no other boot or footwear can.

Gripping the powdery snow is made super-easy with the Powderhouse’s anti-slip rubber sole to give you a sure-footed trek of the snowy terrain. And if you think that’s everything to the Powderhouse, you’d be glad to know that it also comes with the sportiest, hippest design you could ever have from a winter boot.

The Powderhouse packs a lot of features for a winter boot. Not only does it keep your feet warm in icy conditions, but it also makes sure you get the best comfort and protection possible.

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