There’s no shortage of hazy IPAs on the market these days, but that doesn’t mean all of them are great. Monswoon IPA from Pueblo Vida in Tucson, Arizona is a long way from the origins of the hazy IPA style, but it tastes like something you’d find much further east. The latest Monswoon release replaces the Idaho 7, and Citra hops with Mosaic and Simcoe Lupulin powder in the dry-hopping process. The result is a tropical fruit forward hop bomb that you’ll want plenty of as we head into the summer.

  • It turns out when you dry-hop a Pilsner and leave it unfiltered with generous amounts of hops added; it resembles an IPA just as much as a Pils. That’s the case with Vocation Dirty Pilsner Beer brewed in the UK and hopped up with loads of American hops to create a unique flavor profile. The Pilsner malts balance out the fruity hops well, and it’s all packaged in these beautiful cans that feature a white background and colorful spray-can paint effects.