Trending News: Eminem Now Has A Beard (And The Internet Can’t Deal)

Quick Take

For years, one might have — very reasonably — speculated that Eminem can’t grow a beard. The guy’s 44-years-old, you’d think he’d have been caught by the paparazzi at least once with more than a five o’clock shadow. 

But then, this photo hit the interwebs.

WTF!? Eminem was pictured alongside Dr. Dre and industry bigwig Jimmy Iovine with a very dark beard.

Some super fan went out of their way to find that Em has been pictured with facial hair, but nothing like this.

Twitter was justifiably shocked by the rapper’s new look. 

The conspiracy theories have already started rolling in. This guy says Em prophesized his own bearded-ness (just like Tupac prophesized his own death).

Just imagine how much more famous Eminem would have been if he had a beard. Girls would have wanted him, boys would have wanted to be him. 

What a shame.

If you’ve always dreamed of growing a beard, well, now there’s certifiably hope.

Drop This Fact

Eminem failed the 9th grade three times until finally dropping out.

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