Trending News: Watch The First Super Bowl LI Ads Before They Get Taken Down

Long Story Short

A bunch of ads scheduled to air during the Super Bowl are available to watch online already. Below are some of the better ones.

Long Story

It’s no secret most of the 112 million or so viewers expected to tune in for Super Bowl LI are there for the ads*. For the advertising industry, it’s like Christmas, prom night and the Westminster Kennel Club show all rolled into one, a giant heaving orgy of talent, money and high hopes directing itself straight into America’s living rooms on a night when more people watch TV than vote in presidential elections

*Not actually true

So the ads are big news. But not all of their creators are waiting until Sunday for their big reveal. Some have already been released online, so catch them now so you can look bored and smug when they come up in office banter on Monday. Here are 10 good ones. They’ll probably (pointlessly) take these offline leading up to the game, so see them now before you’re forced to watch them in real-time.


This one, featuring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, has the added advantage of the most famous name in all football who also happens to be playing in the game. It’s not pretty funny.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Brett Favre stars in this bizarre, mysterious multi-part cycle involving aliens and government officials and, uh, Brett Favre.


Acting legend John Malkovich is at his intense, bleepedly profane best in this self-referential spot for the web site solutions company.


The Korean car company enlists Melissa McCarthy for a light comic dig at eco-warriors as it plugs its hybrid Niro.

Mr. Clean

The bald man in white makes his first ever Super Bowl appearance as a seductive, abbed-up, tight-bunned godsend who makes all us schlubs look good.

Avocados from Mexico

Jon Lovitz is disturbingly hypnotic in this guacamole-fuelled green dreamscape.


This one features Cam Newton, Miranda Kerr, a peewee football game and a Buick. It’s funny and cute, and Cam Newton looks Hollywood-ready.


Long by ad standards at almost two minutes, Ford goes for laughs in this riff on life’s small annoyances, and positions itself as a brand that puts hope in technology.


The Coen Brothers direct this ad for Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster featuring Peter Fonda, a bunch of hairy biker guys, Steppenwolf’s classic “Born To Be Wild” and Dale Dickey, best known for crushing her junkie husband’s head with a stolen ATM in Breaking Bad.


America’s King of Beers isn’t known for stirring up controversy, but this ad, which touches on the immigrant experience — the good and the bad — and the American Dream is especially resonant these days.

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Ask The Big Question

Will you be too hungover to remember the ads come Monday?

Drop This Fact

Super Bowl TV time is among the most expensive in the industry. This year, Fox will collect upwards of $5-million per 30-second spot, reports Variety.

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