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The cable news giant is now being sued for racial discrimination and harassment.

For years Fox News has been a shameful place that pushed a toxic ideology and helped turn America’s dads into obnoxious assholes that led us to a point where Donald Trump is president. But it turns out that the drivel that took up the airwaves was only the tip of their iceberg. The two highest profile men at the network (Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly) have found themselves on the receiving end of sexual harassment accusations, and been forced out, while the third most famous name at the network, Sean Hannity, was accused of inviting a guest on his show to his hotel room multiple times, only to cancel her appearance after she turned him down. But as though the network didn’t already find themselves in enough trouble, a new report and lawsuit indicates that women weren’t the only ones facing a hostile work environment at Fox News.


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According to BuzzFeed, Fox News anchor and reporter Kelly Wright joined a lawsuit with over ten other current and former Fox employees who allege that they have long been the victims of racial discrimination and harassment. The allegations are wide-ranging and include everything from careers being sidelined because of race to not being allowed to run a piece on Bill O’Reilly’s show because it “painted blacks in too positive a light.”

And as awful as that is, there are allegations in this suit that are even worse, namely this:

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in New York Supreme Court, builds upon a
complaint filed in March by Tichaona Brown and Tabrese Wright, two
black former Fox News employees who claim they experienced “horrific
discrimination at the hands” of the network’s former comptroller
Judith Slater. The complaint also includes claims from current Fox
employee Monica Douglas, who said she complained repeatedly about
Slater’s behavior.

In their claim, Brown and Wright detail a litany of Slater’s alleged
racist behavior, like inquiring if all three of Wright’s children were
fathered by the same man, telling Wright that she had “too much afro”
and needed to comb it before work, and asking both women if they knew
how to beat box, and if so, to perform for her.

And even more disturbingly, this:

According to Brown and Douglas, Slater regularly demanded that they
and other employees of color arm wrestle, often against their white
female supervisors, “similar to the way slave masters demanded that
black slaves fight each other.” They allege she did it “purely for her
own entertainment and amusement.”

I never in a million years thought that there was a way for my opinion of Fox News to fall any further, and yet here we are. That opinion keeps hitting the ground and then tunneling through sub-basement after sub-basement.

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