The future is now.


The Honda Hawk GT NT650 was a circa 1990 entry-level V-twin sportbike that paved the way for the long-running favorite Suzuki SV650.


With its massive aluminum perimeter frame and single-sided swingarm, the NT650 possesses the fundamenals of a serious sportbike, but with little enough power that it is a benign ride.


In other markets Honda offered an even less powerful 400 cc version of the NT, and that was the foundation of K-Speed’s ‘Future Storm’ custom machine.


A shortened custom tail section makes Future Storm a single-seater, exposing the beefy rear tire, shock/spring assembly and single-sided swingarm.


Unique fabricated shrouds over the front forks lend the bike a futuristic Tron aesthetic. This silver bodywork contrasts to the blacked-out frame, swingarm and engine, which would usually gleam in polished aluminum.


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