While our spellchecks help us out everyday when it comes to typing up documents or whipping out an email, there’s a vast area of un-checked computer space called “teh internets.” Grammarly brings spell and grammar checking to the web at last.

Grammarly is a Chrome/Firefox extension that you can download to help you write better throughout the Internet. As long as it’s a text field in a webpage, this plugin will keep watch on your work and alert you to any possible fouls when it comes to spelling or grammar.

The extension works on some familiar lines – literally, in this case. Red lines mean that your spelling is in question, while green lines mean that there may be something wrong with your grammar. Mouse over the lines and information will pop up, showing you the potential mistake and offering replacements based on contextual information around the mess-up.

Grammarly is designed primarily as a social media tool, specifically called out to help people look more professional or sane on LinkedIn, Tumblr, Facebook, and more. We imagine that it’s also pretty helpful when trying to make a point in the comment’s section. There’s also some “vocabulary enhancement” options if you want to trust the extension to make word choice suggestions for you.

The big news here is Grammarly’s availability as an extension. The program has been around for a while, but only lately has it become available for web-based work. However, the extension is only available for Firefox and Chrome. This covers a broad number of social media users, but if you are stuck using another browser (or you’re on a mobile device) then you won’t be able to use it.

There’s even a professional version which is more oriented toward students and journalists, which costs around $12 per month for advanced vocabulary tools and plagiarism checkers.

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