Trending News: The Internet Loves This Guy For Buying ‘Flowers’ For His Girl

Long Story Short

A guy thought he was getting his girlfriend a great make-up gift, but instead of flowers, it turned out he bought her purple kale.

Long Story

What do you do when you mess up? You probably apologize profusely, but then what? Nothing says I’m sorry than the tried, tested and true method of buying flowers, right? 

Jamarcus Guillory, 20, did just that and his success at making his girlfriend feel better didn’t only impact their relationship, it sent the internet into a swoon-fest.

It turned out that Guillory didn’t get his 19-year-old girlfriend Jailyn Hernandez tulips or roses — that’d be too cliche. He got her purple kale, a.k.a. lettuce, a.k.a. a vegetable. But it wasn’t on purpose.

Hernandez’ tweet has now been retweeted over 40,000 times and it’s just too good. 

Graciously, Twitter hasn’t been bullying the guy for his collosal mess up. Rather, they’re giving him a lot of love and telling Hernandez he’s a keeper.

Seriously, though. Lettuce is beautiful, available and you good for you. So, why not?


Guillory told Buzzfeed that he’s  “going to do the best [he] can,” to not bring Jailyn vegetables again.

What a guy.

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Did he buy it from a flower shop? How the hell could he mess this up?

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Kale contains more calcium than milk.

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