(Photo: Maxim)

(Photo: Maxim)

Brittany Snow, who starred in about every teen flick of the mid-00s, turns 31 today.

You may remember her from her humble child-star beginnings, on the long-running soap Guiding Light or American Dreams. But following her 18th birthday, all bets were off. 

The Florida-born beauty had a truly bat-shit crazy arc in the controversial series Nip/Tuck, played a vengeful lover in John Tucker Must Die, a diva singer in Hairspray and a grade-A scream queen in the slasher flick Prom Night.

But it is her most recent work, in the popular Pitch Perfect series, that has Brittany Snow firmly in the spotlight, and on the mind of men everywhere. See why with some of her firey Maxim shots, above.

So we salute Brittany Snow, a lovely actress with a cool last name who turns 31 today. Celebrate with this video of her rapping to “Gangsta’s Paradise” on The Ellen Show.

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