There’s a simple explanation for why the Marvel universe outperforms DC.

(Photo: Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros)

(Photo: Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros)

Marvel has long been the dominant cinematic universe when it comes to superhero movie franchises. They’ve been on a hot streak ever since Iron Man dropped in 2008, having pumped out 18 movies, including the soon-to-be blockbuster Black Panther this weekend. 

But the Dark Knight franchise aside, DC movies have generally been outperformed both commercially and critically by their comic book-spawned arch rival since 2013’s Man of Steel, with the biggest bright spot being last year’s Wonder Woman. 

And now we finally may know why Marvel movies reign supreme over DC. According to a new study from automated market research tech provider ZappiStore, people prefer Marvel superhero flicks over DC because audiences can emotionally engage more with Marvel superheroes, and humans…

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