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Knowing how to reload your mechanical pencil with lead is probably a thought that hasn’t crossed your mind often. However, it is only a matter of time till your trusty pencil runs out of lead and you are at a loose end! Mechanical pencils come in a huge range of different designs, so it will always be handy having instructions available to guide you through adding more lead to your mechanical pencil. And most likely having used ink pens most of your life, you’re probably unfamiliar with this regular form of maintenance, Luckily for you, this procedure is very easy and takes no time at all.

Read on to discover a few helpful tips that will make your lead-reloading process a walk in the park!

Insert The Lead From The Top

If your pencil doesn’t have a cassette installed, be gentle and try pulling the eraser out. If successful, the pencils compartment should be visible. Carefully feed the desired amount of lead pieces into the compartment and fit the eraser back in. Make sure that the compartment is completely empty before doing so or you may risk jamming the pencil or snapping the lead.

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Cassette Replacement

This is perhaps the most straightforward option – your pencil probably came with instructions if it has a cassette. The general rule for replacing cassettes is to firstly shake it, making sure all lead is gone. From here, simply insert a new cassette into the pencil where the old one used to be, ensuring it clicks into place.

Insert Lead Through The Tip

If the above two options are not manageable with your pencil, then this method should work for you. Push down on the eraser so that it is held in place and begin to insert the lead into the pencils tip. Carefully push it all the way inside the pencil and repeat until full. Let go of the eraser and you are good to go!

As easy as it may be, do not rush the processes mentioned. Ensure that you have considered the following points in order to avoid damaging your pen and breaking lead:

  • Do not overload the pencil – this will jam it!
  • Use the correct size lead – your pencil should have it’s recommended size written on it
  • Check if there is a cassette before doing anything else
  • Reassure yourself – double check your pencils requirements

With these three important rules in mind, you will have a fully loaded pencil in no time.

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