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Technology has progressed by leaps and bounds in the past few decades as one breakthrough after another has led to things like the Internet, smartphones and virtual reality. Sometimes it’s the unexpected application of these technologies that make the biggest difference in the daily lives of people and when considering examples of this notion the wireless shower speaker definitely comes to mind. Today’s wireless shower speakers bring your favorite tunes right into the shower enclosure with you so you can enjoy full rich sound while you wash away the cares of the day.

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Finding The Right Shower Speaker

While shower speaker technology has advanced exponentially in recent years finding the best shower speakers isn’t always easy, what with so many makes and models on the market today. So below we’re going to provide you with a list of things to look for in shower speakers that will help you get just the right ones to match your taste and lifestyle. Let’s begin.

  • Wireless Connectivity – We’re going to play Captain Obvious here and start with wireless connectivity because without a solid Bluetooth signal there are no tunes in the shower, or at least they’re breaking up all the time, spoiling your rhythm. You want to make sure the speakers will pick up a signal clearly at a distance of at least 10 meters. Your speakers should also utilize Bluetooth 4.0 which allows for more efficient operation, greater compatibility with a larger number of Bluetooth enabled devices and longer battery life.
  • Battery Life – Speaking of battery life… As we just mentioned you’ll want to make sure your new wireless shower speakers are utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, which is easier on the batteries. Beyond that though you’ll want to look at the specs on any shower speaker or speakers you’re considering to see how long they’ll typically run on a single charge. The longer the better with 5-8 hours minimum being the baseline we’d recommend. Of course as a last resort, most shower speakers are able to connect via an auxiliary cable, meaning playback can last longer by not using the wireless function.
  • Compatibility – Wireless shower speakers don’t exist in a vacuum. They need to be paired with a mobile device that will send them a signal to play. Because they’re essentially part of a team, you need to make sure they’ll play together well with the other members of the team. If the handset, TV Box or tablet you’re sourcing the music from is not Bluetooth compatible you’ve got a problem. Always check compatibility whenever you plan to pair up devices.
  • Ability to Handle Calls – If you’re pairing your shower speakers up with your smartphone or other call-enabled device you’ll probably want to be able to direct incoming calls through the speaker. Not all wireless shower speakers will do this so if it’s important to you make sure the speakers you’re considering have the ability to handle calls.
  • Control – You have a choice between controlling the speakers either through direct input on the speaker itself or via remote control. Some speakers will provide you with the ability to use both. For our money we always go for maximum flexibility so any shower speaker that provides both the ability to control through direct input and via a remote is the one we’ll choose. You may not want to be bothered with remote control. Or you may have no use for direct input. It’s up to you.
  • Volume – You don’t want to be straining to hear your music over the noise of the shower so your shower speakers should provide robust sound quality and volume. We’d look for speakers that can kick out at least 80 decibels. Even though you’re unlikely to use all of that power speakers rated to 80+ decibels will sound better at lower volumes than those with less impressive top ends.
  • Size and Weight – You don’t want something so heavy it’s going to damage your shower head or get in the way of the water stream. Compact is always good when it comes to things you introduce into the shower environment and luckily there are many top-of-the-line shower speakers today that will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. So think small and light and you should be alright.
  • Colors/Design – When it comes to the design and/or color of your shower speakers you’ll want ones that speak not only to your own personal tastes but are also compatible with the rest of the bathroom decor. Many people opt for a black/grey color combination since this goes with just about anything. White is also extremely versatile and one of the most common bathroom colors.
  • Price – Finally we get down to the bottom line. As with most things in life you will pretty much get what you pay for when it comes to wireless shower speakers; to a point. And by that we mean there’s really not going to be much of a difference between an $80 shower speaker and a $100 shower speaker. There will, however, typically be a big difference between one that costs $10 and one that costs $80. That said you should be able to get all the shower speaker you’ll ever need for 50 bucks or even a bit less. Ultimately though it’s up to you.


The Bottom Line

Today’s wireless shower speakers are one of those little things that help ramp up the quality of your daily life. They’re a luxury to be sure, but an imminently affordable one that can turn your dull and dreary shower routine into a fun, enjoyable time.

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