Preston Smiles is a motivational speaker, love and happiness coach and Youtube star who empowers his audience to live a life of happiness and to love fully.

The first thing I noticed about Preston is his magnetic vibe. Preston is the epitome of authentic inspiration!

During this podcast Preston shares his advice with the Addicted2Success community on how they can live a more authentic and passionate life.

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Preston’s Ninja Toolbox of Goodness

The 3 G’s


1. Gratitude

A lot of people believe they practice gratitude, which is awesome but are they grateful for the bad also? I mean, are you grateful for divorce, for losing your job, for your sick child, grateful for it all?

Let me explain – grateful for learnings during that marriage, grateful for the new opportunities you can focus on now that you have more free time and grateful that you can utilize the advanced medical care we now have to help your child heal. When you’re grateful for the things that most people run away from, the universe gives you more of what you want.

From a scientific standpoint, it’s all energy or consciousness and when you raise your consciousness, everything else HAS to move with you or drop off. Moving into an attitude of gratitude, you automatically move into a vibratory state where everything around you becomes friendly in some sense.

In our society, we talk about ‘the cup half full, half empty’ metaphor, this ‘G’ is all about just being grateful for the cup. So many people just want the good stuff, but if you can be grateful for the stuff that is ugly and see the beauty in it, then the universe will provide more.


2. Giving

The key to living is giving! When I look back on my life and the times I was in complete alignment with who I really am, I was focusing outward, I was moving from a place of service. Looking at Oprah for example, the richest woman in the world, she is addicted to the Law of Circulation (giving). She understands that you can’t just ‘get money and keep it‘, you need to circulate it in order for things to keep moving and growing.

When we’re moving from a mindset of ‘how can I serve?’, the game totally changes.


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3. Growth

If anyone were to walk outside of their house right now and want to grow a garden, they would find various hard places – rocks, weeds, dry soil, debris, trash.Those hard places would need to be cleaned up and worked on in order for you to start growing your garden. The condition of the garden determines the productivity of the seeds you plant.

So when the acorn is ready to be a grand oak tree but the soil isn’t ready (removed of trash, debris, weeds and toxins) the tree will never grow to it’s highest heights.

To me, the soul of a person wants to grow to it’s full potential, it wants the be the best version of itself. You wouldn’t be listening to this podcast or reading this article if that statement didn’t resonate with you.

When it comes to growth, it’s all about moving old philosophies, belief systems, attitudes and habits out of your garden (mind) so you can grow to your full potential.


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