Idea: to have an office desk large enough to host my laptop, LCD, printer and leaving some free space.


  • n.2 durmast HAMMARP countertops 246 cm
  • n.1 white BESTA bookshelf 60x40x64 cm
  • n.1 white BESTA bookshelf 60x20x64 cm
  • n.1 set of inox CAPITA legs (8 cm)
  • n.1 white GALANT drawer
  • n.1 yellow HELMER drawer on castors


table1 table2

Two BESTA bookshelves were built and fixed together back to back using a couple of metallic plates and some screws. Then the 4 CAPITA legs were mounted onto the top in order to get an overall height of 72 cm (64 cm + 8 cm).

The two countertops were each cut into 2 pieces (1 x 72 cm ,  1 x 174 cm). The two 72 cm height pieces were the side legs. The remaining pieces were the real table surface. To fit my need, the table surface was reduced to 120 cm.

Finally, the countertops were sanded and then treated with the dedicated oil.

Leg and table were doweled together on the corner.

The longer table surface were mounted on the top of inox CAPITA legs placed on top the bookshelves.

IKEA Hammarp countertop office deskIKEA Hammarp countertop office desk IKEA Hammarp countertop office desk

~ Marcello, Italy.

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