Published on July 7th, 2015 |

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Materials: A MASKROS lamp

I started this project by crocheting 70 flowers and 14 angels wings in different kinds of yarn and colors. All leftover yarn from other projects I have made. In the center of the flowers I glued small buttons in bright colors, except for the white ones where I used marbles.

The angel wings also got a marble glued on the center. Then I put the Maskros lamp together until the step where the Maskros flowers should be installed. Instead I glued the crochet flowers and wing on the lamp with contact glue.

I’m so happy every time I turn the light on. It’s so beautiful and it makes the most fantastic lights at evening time and reflects on the walls and ceiling.

IKEA Maskros crochet lamp

~ Lisbeth Larsen

IKEA Hammarp countertop office desk
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