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From wide pants to white Batman suits, the youngest Mr. Smith proves his menswear might in 48 hours.

Yesterday, Smith was spotted in New York City wearing his version of all-black. But the 18-year-old performer didn’t ditch his more eccentric style tricks for a toned-down goth look. He took the opportunity to prove that wearing head-to-toe black can be anything but somber, if done right. Which is why he paired a graphic T-shirt with some black jeans heavily decorated with patches and emblazoned with artsy embellishments, and a logo’d dad cap, making this a good lesson to maximalists on how to wear black this summer (in case you tire of the season’s other go to monochromatic look: all white).

This look came on the day that Jaden released his latest music video-cum-art project, a film to accompany the song “Batman” where he presents himself as a modern young-guy version of Bruce Wayne and his crime-fighting alter ego. And speaking of all white getups, Smith brings back his take on summer whites — a caped crusading head-to-toe look that will remind some people that, yep, he wore the same thing to Kim and Kanye’s wedding a few years back and to his own prom, proving that even the most insane outfits are reasonable if you get a couple of wears out of them.

But let’s say that you’re not Jaden Smith — and chances are you’re not — we’ve still got some style inspiration for you. Earlier in the week, Smith stepped out in an outfit that a lot of young dudes could get behind, something that’s on-trend and stylish but not, uh, too conspicious. He took the same graphic tee, and just tucked it into some cropped, wider-leg trousers, belted it, and added black socks and shoes and bam — he had himself a look made in “Cool Teen steals Dad Style” heaven.

No matter how you look at it, there’s no denying that Jaden’s one of the most interesting guys out in the style game right now.

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