It was inevitable that we’d see Alexa joined with a screen. The Amazon Echo Show is exactly that. In addition to all the stuff its screenless siblings can handle, the Show can also play YouTube videos and flash briefings, and display info, photos, and camera feeds on its 7-inch touchscreen. Its dual speakers with Dolby processing give it room-filling audio, and should you want even better sound, it has Bluetooth for streaming to any compatible speaker. There’s also a built-in camera for video chats, and an Intel Atom processor to keep lag at bay. Available in black or white.

  • White noise can be hugely helpful when trying to fall and stay asleep. The Snooz White Noise Machine provides it. Thanks to a real fan hidden inside, it creates the sound of moving air naturally, letting you adjust it from the light noise of a table fan to the deep drone of an airplane. Its companion app allows you to set the volume or schedule an automatic shutoff right from your phone. It’s just 2.5″ tall, so it’s easy to pack along wherever you go, and it’s available in two hues to match most decors.