Johnny Manziel 

When Vince McMahon relaunched the XFL he made one thing clear: Players who have “any sort of criminal record or commit a crime” wouldn’t play for his league. That was a blow to troubled former Cleveland QB Johnny Manziel. 

Manziel is coming back anyway, and he apparently doesn’t need McMahon’s help to do it.

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TMZ reports that Manziel will once again play serious football, quarterbacking in the Texas-based Spring League. When the league’s season begins in Austin on March 28, “Johnny Football” will be back in action.

The Spring League isn’t some semi-pro sadness fantasy camp. According to TMZ, Kellen Winslow Jr. and Greg Hardy are just two major players who have signed with the league in the past—and NFL scouts reportedly have attended games to look for NFL prospects.

In a statement quoted by TMZ, Manziel said, “The Spring League has provided me…

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