Once in a while, someone comes on the forums, wrestling with the same moral dilemma that we all do when first understanding red pill and PUA:

“If you are learning how to better seduce women, then you are simply adding to the moral decline.”

“How can red pill men, denigrate slutty women, while at the same time seeking bangs and ONS”.

Troy Francis touched on this earlier in the week, and I admit that I had the same issues. However, by thinking into the logistics, we rapidly come with a rational solution giving a clear reason for our modus operandi.

Men hold the key to commitment, women hold the key to sex

At one point or another if she wants commitment she will offer sex in exchange. With the advent of birth control, it’s reasonable to expect a “try before you buy” experience. Women are essentially offering a product, men are the buyers. Women won’t sell unless the price is right, men won’t buy unless the product is good enough.

While it might seem crass to reduce sexual relationships to transactional interactions, the exact reason why a woman puts on makeup and clearly exhibits hypergamous behavior is to increase her value and obtain better benefits.

In the business world we increasingly find providers offering, free trials, free hardware, and building complicated business models with zero initial profitability (Facebook, Google, Whatsapp etc.). This paradigm was almost unheard of 100 years ago. You want it, you buy upfront (i.e. no sex before marriage).

Consumer credit is a 20th Century invention. In theory, this is progress towards a Star Trek-type society without money. If the service is built for the love of it, and users begin enjoying it, eventually money becomes an afterthought and finally a withered feature from a bygone era – a bit like pubic hair. If this utopian dream can’t be achieved, we still live in a faster paced world; even houses are no longer the lifetime purchase they once were.

Why do I use Google?

Because I started using it and still do. That’s the only reason anyone uses Google. The same logic can so easily be applied to women. Why I am still with this girl? Because I never broke up with her. Her qualities keep me coming back, but it’s no longer the lifetime purchase it once was.

A Man Must Always Maintain Frame

If you say you want casual sex and to bang everything that moves, you may be breaking down moral barriers and misleading women. Your frame might be fake. This is what some men (and feminists) dislike about game.

However, there’s an estimated 100,000 escorts in the UK. 100,000 escorts say that men love sluts – we just don’t commit to them.By comparison there are only 10,000 gas stations. If 10,000 new gas stations open up and start offering free gas, I’ll buy a 5L V8 and stop to fill up as I please, but I still won’t make one my home.

Back in the day a man had to get married (or go to a brothel) to have sex. Some cultures were less inclined to castigate whores and even sent young men to lose their virginity with a pro. Most men would admit that the dream of having a great LTR and family with a feminine woman still remains in the back of their mind, much as dreams of returning to earth might for those living in a space station, even if the earth is a radioactive wasteland. There is also a certain breeding problem for the man who wishes to have kids.

We are not subjected to social boundaries and the match making of our parents. Society accepts we can find our future mate almost anywhere we please—even online. Classified ads used to be thought of as something tacky for the lost and lonely (and for hookers), but today it’s a very common way to meet.

Progress? Or perhaps there are a lot more lost, lonely, or slutty women

If you can date hundreds of eligible females, why wouldn’t you do that? There is no reason why a man would not want to become very skilled in the art of wooing a woman. It can be of great merit to him socially and psychologically.

Worst case is that he never finds “the one” but bangs 1000 sluts for no upfront cost. Best case he makes informed, educated, and practical life decisions. A used car dealer is selective about which beaters he purchases, but chances are he married the first girl that came along.

The road to failure

Shacking up with the first sex buddy available is about as desperate as eating from the dumpster. A man has many considerations to take when selecting a woman long-term. He is financially and morally liable, he has to find a replacement and deal with damaging emotional fallout if it doesn’t work. Having taken the red pill, the only reason a man has to stop running game, is to focus on other pursuits. This should never be done as a cop out.

If a man has found the perfect lady, he might tone down his game in respect to her. If he chooses to garage his game, he ought to keep it well-oiled and ready for use. That doesn’t mean he’s cheating, merely a smooth ladies man.

My father never cheated in 25 years, but even at 70, I saw him at a dinner party recently; a newly wed blonde 20-something was hovering about him blushing and giggling; of course he’s not fucking her, he just knows how to have masculine appeal. Her wimpy husband on the other-hand is a divorce rape in the making.

21st century women have been far too effective in demanding commitment while offering only a sniff of their dirty underwear. Like a 1990s cell phone contract, modern women are loaded with hidden charges and expensive cancellation clauses, while offering patchy reception, clumsy hardware and god help you if you go roaming.

Women make relationships, men have sex and build families

Why do you think women get jealous? They know a good man attracts women like bees to honey. As soon as a man starts trying to keep a woman happy, it comes apart. It turns a man into a spineless version of himself, a dynamic that makes her lose attraction. Buyers don’t pander to salesmen. Have you ever seen dancing ice skaters where the woman leads and throws the man in the air?

Olympics: Figure Skating-Pairs Free Skating

Put more simply

You cannot herd cats. If the cat comes and catches mice and is friendly and useful – you keep it around. Unless he’s banging a slut just for relaxation, I believe that the intention and hope of sustaining any sexual relationship long term is always in a man’s mind. It is in his very nature. Even illicit lovers yearn to be together.

I’d go so far as to say that 95% of marriages break down because the man becomes trapped and miserable but doesn’t have the heart (or experience) to break it up. She then senses his unhappiness and mirrors it by leaving him. He has effectively made her do his dirty work for him—a great strategy for teenage men; unwise for middle aged husbands with kids.

The primary difference between player and regular guy is that the player is more discerning and quicker to cut her off, because he knows there are many others who could take her place. If a man meets a beautiful 18-year-old virgin but a week later she turns into a nagging, jealous bitch, the man is within his rights to show her the door.

If the 39 year old, lesbian, single mother turns out to be an absolutely incredible catch, despite her meth habit and tattoos, break out the diamond ring. The LTR possibility is always there. IT IS THE WOMAN THAT HAS TO PLEASE THE MAN – not the other way around. Ultimately if the woman doesn’t please the man, sex is impossible and the relationship never happens, no matter how much she stalks him or begs for sex.


What does she have to offer?

By embracing masculine-feminine sexual polarity, red pill men are raising the bar. It’s up to women to set their standards, Slut, lover or wife. Some people want to reinvent the wheel and reverse the polarity roles, but most find themselves miserable.

The final argument is that women face a dilemma: If they offer sex too soon they are whores, if they hold back they are frigid. The word missing from the equation is MODESTY. I am not necessarily going to hold it against a woman that sleeps with me immediately, since to some extent it’s my charm as much as her sluttiness that is to blame. A very skilled player might hold out on purpose to better assess her potential.

Neither do I have any objection to a couple of dates with a quality female who holds out—but I am highly aware that it’s a sexual interaction and I need to know how to seduce her, before I’m just a simp paying for a stranger’s drinks, while she texts the next prospective buyer. The dynamic of illicit lovers is well explained by Troy, and is the third (middle path), that both men and women enjoy – in part because it lacks the serious element.

Women wanted their emancipation, they have to deal with it and put modesty and love back into the equation. It’s neither the man’s job to pander to her emotions, nor his place to educate her. He can only select or reject according to a “try before you buy” paradigm that is available today.

  • If women behave like whores, then men will be pimps or dominated betas.
  • If women behave like lovers, men will too.
  • If women are loyal and ladylike, then players will move towards being masculine gentlemen that betas try to emulate and ladies try to wed.

You can’t take advantage of a whore, since she sets the going rate. Today (like central bank interest rates) her tariff is zero and headed lower and the currency she accepts is “fiat” at best. Perhaps the dynamic of lovers or friends with benefits is the best, but like a cell phone contract, it doesn’t tend to last more than a year or two before you need an upgrade.

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