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Mud kitchen for kids

Mud kitchen for kids

Materials: 2 Trofast Boxes, optional: 1 Pax shelf

Additional Items needed: 4 Bottle crates + Sand + Water + optional: Limmaland stickers

1) Just stack 2 bottle crates. Do that twice and put it next to each other …

1 stack twice 2 bottle crates

2) Cut a Pax shelf like we did in the picture and put it on the top of bottle crates.

2 prepared IKEA PAX shelf

2 cut a PAX shelf like this one

3) Stick two Trofast boxes on the top

4) Now you just fill the boxes with water and sand

5) If you also want a real play barbecue or outdoor kitchen just add Limmaland stickers “barbecue“ or “outdoor kitchen“

~ Rabea Knippscheer

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