Trending News: The Italian Dan Bilzerian Just Had His Yachts And Properties Seized

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Instagram celebrity Gianluca Vacchi (think Dan Bilzerian with more tattoos) is in serious financial doo-doo as the banks have just seized his yachts, a few of his villas and his shares in a golf course.

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Either you love or you hate guys like Dan Bilzerian and Gianluca Vacchi. They’ve got yachts, women and a gaudy lifestyle any guy could only dream of. But they’re also supreme narcissists and should probably keep their riches to themselves.

Just a year ago, GQ dubbed Vacchi “the coolest man on Instagram.” Well, about that… The 50-year-old Italian playboy has apparently blown his money.

The Italian language Quotidiano reports that Vacchi, who makes about $6 million a year as an heir to the IMA Group, has had his yachts, villas and shares in a golf course worth $12.4 million seized by creditors.

Vacchi denies that the financial troubles are a big deal, brushing it off as “just a little debt.”

If you haven’t seen Vacchi’s Instagram, it’s got pretty much the same highlights as Bilzerian — yachts, celebrity cameos and private jets — but with half the followers of ‘The King of Instagram,’ a modest 11 million.

He’s also got one helluva girlfriend, 23-year-old Colombian supermodel Ariadna Gutierrez.

That name sound familiar? Gutierrez is the Miss Universe candidate who won according to Steve Harvey, but lost according to everyone else.


People have been mocking Vacchi for his situation, starting a Facebook page called ‘Find Gianluca Vacchi a job’ and crowdfunding for his debt (he’d just reached €5 as of Friday, according to thelocal). They’ve also apparently been photoshopping him on more affordable boats.

We’re trying to sympathize with him, but it’s really hard. To be honest, the guy looks like he could easily survive after knocking it down a few notches.

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Is he actually in serious trouble or will he just have to juggle his finances around a bit?

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Vacchi is also a DJ and stars in workout videos. 

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