If you do, well, anything more complicated than sending email on a computer, you probably need all the screen real estate you can get. But a dual-monitor setup can be tough to manage for quite a few of us, because they eat up real estate you need for other materials and paperwork. So Philips decided to make it easier by putting two monitors on one monitor stand.

Two Screens In One

It’s pretty simple, actually. There are two screens on one pedestal, and they can actually freely move the two screens back and forth to get the optimal angle. And it’s got all the features you want from a monitor: Four USB ports, an MHL port, DisplayPort, HDMI, color correction, smart text features to make it easier to read. And, naturally AH-IPS for wide angles of viewing. In other words, you pretty much get all the monitor you need. In fact, you get two of them.

Monitor This

Needless to say, this might be overkill for some people. This is really built for people who are power users of their computers: Video editors, layout pros, designers, and other people who need sprawling real estate while lifting their monitors off their desks. In other words, they need storage space, so it works out well.

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