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The tennis legend has a perfect record when it comes to championship style.

Roger Federer made history this weekend when he won his eighth Gentlemen’s Singles title at Wimbledon. Looking back at the Swiss tennis god’s championship style, we have to say, he’s had it in the bag on the formalwear front since day one. With the exception of a few questionable of-the-moment accessories, Roger Federer’s style, like his demeanor as an athlete, has always been nothing but conservative, charming, and totally confident. No wonder he earned the title of Most Stylish Man Alive in 2016; guy’s a pro when it comes to getting dressed too.


Okay, a shiny burgundy cummerbund is no one’s best look but, as far as early Aughts tuxedos go, this was not as bad as it got. Plus, Federer’s grown-out, tennis rockstar hair more than makes up for those questionable black-tie accents.


By 2004, Federer was already wise to the fact that a classic tuxedo was the better, handsomer way to go. He’s relied on this look for nearly every black-tie event he’s attended over the last decade and a half, with the exception of a few events (like that diamond-encrusted cobra moment at this year’s Met Gala).


Federer’s even got the Mr. Handsome posing down, too. Chest puffed out, eyes cast downward, a half smile across his face. Keep in mind this was years before Instagram came along and taught us all how to pose for a picture. Bottom line: Guy’s always one step ahead of the rest of us, on and off the court.


2006 was a time when men wore a lot of unfortunate shiny ties and Federer was no exception. What’s impressive is that he didn’t fall pray to the other formalwear misstep plaguing men around that period: pants that were two or three inches too long. These have just the right amount of slouch and break for a style (and tennis) legend on the make.


Another thing Federer excels at: looking great in tennis whites. Here he is casually accepting his fifth consecutive Wimbledon trophy after defeating Nadal in the Singles match in 2007. Every man interested in wearing a pique polo shirt with a pair of cotton trousers this summer can stand to take notes from the way this whole thing fits and looks.


A less formal championship celebration in 2009 called for a classic two-button suit, white shirt, and a watch worthy of one of the highest-earning athletes in the world. After losing to Nadal in 2008, Federer also looks just genuinely glad to be back on top. A dark suit, dark tan, and a confident smile are never a bad combination on any man.


A slimmer cut tux with slightly sharper shoulders shows that while Federer’s style will always be classic, he’s still perfectly able to adapt with the times. That ability to “keep up” has served him in his tennis career more than anywhere else. This was the year he had his most match wins since 2006, for instance.


With shorter hair and the sharpest tux we’ve seen him in to date, Federer proves that he’s worthy of our Most Stylish Man of the Year title and has many successful years as both an athlete (he’s now ranked #3 in the world) and a black-tie king ahead of him.

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