If you have a Sprint device, your airport Wi-Fi experience is about to get a whole lot smoother thanks to the latest Boingo updates.

Boingo Wireless has announced that it has acquired Sprint’s Wi-Fi network operations at seven airports across the United States – and turned them into Boingo hotspots. This has kicked off a major Wi-Fi agreement between the two companies that will apply to 35 different U.S airports. This means that travelers with Sprint devices will be able to automatically, seamlessly connect to airport Wi-Fi and find the fastest speeds.

This deal works well with Sprint’s overall emphasis on lower prices than competitors: If you have a Sprint device, you can access the Wi-Fi for free, and that Wi-Fi will of course not count toward the monthly service plan and its limitations.

If you don’t have a Sprint device…then you have to deal with Boingo’s puzzle pricing plan. The conversion includes the new “low” price of $8 for one day of access to Boingo Wi-Fi. In a world where you can get a month of streaming TV shows for the same price, it’s hard to find who would pay that much for a single day of Wi-Fi limited primarily to airports (very, very data-hungry business travelers?). If you aren’t carrying a phone with the right provider, it’s hard to see why you would bother at all.

The deal will require certain steps from travelers that want to use the services. Sprint customers who have Passpoint-enabled devices will be able to connect to Boingo’s Passpoint Secure network to begin the seamless search and authentication for Wi-Fi services. Beyond this requirement, there are no other signup requirements and no related fees.

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