“Yeah, our style games are this big right now.”

In 24 hours, 5 stylish guys have stepped out in the warm weather layering combo.

There comes a time each year when the weather requires you to reconsider what you thought you knew about wearing a suit. And there comes a time in every man’s life to reconsider what he’s wearing. This time, funnily enough, often overlaps and happens, oh, right around now, when the winter is far in your rearview mirror and even the chillier days of spring seem to have come to pass. Now, friends, it’s time for, possibly, our favorite time of year: suit and T-shirt season.

We’re in the golden age of casual dressing and that’s actually been a blessing to the workaday suit. Once, men had to struggle all year with their undershirt, collared shirt, and suit jacket, sweating through the summer’s heat, but those days are no more. Now, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a T-shirt under your suit, and, in fact, come summer, it’s even preferable. It’s cool and effortless and is just the right amount of DGAF.

In case you were wondering how to do it, just look around. This week celebrities all over the damn world (literally) received the memo and stepped out showing you pretty much every single way you can make a suit and T-shirt look damn good.

There was Chris Pine in New York, wearing a summer-weight, light blue Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit with his black T-shirt tucked in, even going sockless with loafers. The vibe was very throwback-in-Capri or The Talented Mr. Ripley (but, you know, happier). Meanwhile on the West Coast, Daily Show host Trevor Noah wore a navy suit, brown dress shoes and a black tee in a conservative, classic sort of way.

Out in Cannes, we have Colin Farrell nailing it in blue suit jacket and a nice crisp white shirt for contrast. It’s the ultimate nod to that sort of breezy, South of France ease that the local film festival is known for.

And then we have Will Smith, also in Cannes, wearing a rich burgundy knit under his suit. A knit T-shirt like this retains all the laid-back-ness of wearing a tee with your best tailoring, but is still dressy enough that you won’t look out of place at a fancy place like an international film festival. And while a V-neck can be risky, Smith kept things on-point by avoiding the dreaded deep-V. And then there’s Brad Pitt, doing press in Japan, wearing layers of white, including a white blazer, a white button-up, but undone, and a white tee. That’s some advanced level dressing, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Regardless, this is no coincidence that all these famous dudes just so happened to be out wearing suits and tees, it’s that time of year. Embrace it while you can.

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