Summer is on the way, which means we can slip back into some boat shoes, and some unhygienic habits – like wearing loafers without socks. We know, we know, it’s kind of gross, but honestly, socks and boat shoes do not mix. So what’s a guy to do about sweaty feet, and the impending doom of odor that reigns over our favorite summertime footwear? Well, there’s a brand out there working to eliminate this smelly issue. Gekks – a new sock-like design that lines your favorite loafer or boat-shoe – oh and it eliminates odors.

Last summer, brothers Justin and Christian Aquilla got tired of their smelly and uncomfortable feet when going sockless, so they decided to take action! They could either go sock-less and smell, or wear socks and look like total dweebs – and neither option was acceptable apparently – so these two innovators created Gekks.

The brothers immediately got to work – Gekks samples were made originally in China, Korea, and Turkey, but ultimately, Christian and Justin decided to have their invention produced in America.

So how do they work? Gekks have a thin, adhesive gel strategically located on the outside of the liner, allowing it to grip the inside of your shoe – putting a lock on the sock. The gel is super thin – measuring less than 0.5 mm thick, which means these built in socks wont alter the way your favorite shoe fits or feels.

Gekks partnered with X-Static, the leader in odor eliminating yarn technology to help make an odorless foot future a reality. Pure silver yarn is used to make Gekks – and just a quick science lesson for you while we’re at it – silver is anti-microbial – meaning it can be used to prevent the growth of bacteria – which leads to funky footwear.

So where can you get yourself a pair before boat season arrives? Right here –