Trending News: Genie Bouchard Honors Bet, Agrees To SECOND Date With Fan

Long Story Short

Canadian tennis star and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Eugenie Bouchard honored a Super Bowl bet she made with a Patriots fan on Twitter and went on a blind date with him. It apparently went well, since a second date is now on the table.

Long Story

Genie Bouchard can be forgiven for thinking, like millions of other viewers, that the Super Bowl was going to be a blowout victory for Atlanta Falcons after they took a 21-0 lead. The one-time Wimbledon finalist, currently ranked 44th in world tennis rankings, fatefully decided to announce to the world that the Super Bowl was done, done, done.

Challenge accepted. New York City resident and Patriots fan John Goerhke (note his bro-tastic twitter handle) decided to see if Bouchard would put her money where her tweet was and threw down the gauntlet.

Sensing an easy victory, Bouchard blithely picked it up.

The rest, of course, is Super Bowl history, hilariously played out on Twitter.

Proving that she was brought up right, a promise made is a promise kept.

So she and John went to the Brooklyn Nets-Milwaukee Bucks, where they had courtside seats courtesy of the 22-year-old Montreal native. Both appeared to enjoy themselves.

The Bucks beat the Nets 129-125. Bouchard was silent on what if anything happened post-game. However, according to TMZ, things went well enough for a second date to be in the cards.

As though Pats fans needed one more thing to gloat about.

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A zoo in Atlanta also lost a Super Bowl bet and named a newborn cockroach Tom Brady.

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