Justin Bieber’s Pubescent Facial Hair

LOL. Nothing like a Bieber sighting where he flaunts his baby-face lip and chin growth to give you a nice chuckle. One day he’ll be able to grow a beard that would make Casey Affleck proud, but, sadly, today is not the day.

Russell Westbrook’s Barely-There Buzz

While we spend a lot of time thinking about the best haircut for summer — that perfect overlap of style and comfort — the fact of the matter is, if you can pull it off, the induction cut is probably your best bet. No time spent styling it and nothing to trap the heat in makes it summer’s most effortless ‘do.

Colin Farrell: One Haircut, Two Ways

How’s this for flexibility? Farrell demonstrated just how versatile the classic slicked back hairstyle can be this week, showing it with a black T-shirt (note the expertly rolled sleeves) and jeans at the airport, for a cool, rocker vibe, and then deployed the same damn ‘do with a tuxedo and, guess what, it looked great in both instances. Kudos.

Orlando Bloom’s Pushed-Forward ‘Do

Bloom obviously has killer style, and that extends right on up to his grooming routine. He was spotted out in LA this week sporting the ultimate summer do for guys whose hair is too long to be a buzzcut and to short to be the Bro Flow. It’s the classic comb-forward, with a slight flourish at the front. It’s easy as running something waxy and with a strong hold through your hair, pushing it forward and letting it set. Bam — effortless hair is yours.

Robert Pattinson’s Messy Mid-Length ‘Do

As we mentioned earlier this week, Robert Pattinson debuted the perfect unruly style at Cannes this week, something that a lot of guys could rock. For guys who’ve let their classic high-and-tight grow out, but don’t have time to get a new cut, this is for you. The point here is not to look too styled, so take a dab of pomade, run it through your hair, pull it forward and create some makeshift, spiky bangs, and embrace the unkempt, grown-out messiness. It’s summer, let your hair down — literally.

Matthew Modine’s Headscarf

As the weather heats up, those who have embraced this season’s longer, freer hairstyle may wonder what, exactly, do they do with all that damn hair. Well, here’s a solution: a headscarf. Everyone from Harry Styles to, well, Matthew Modine, have taken some extra fabric and used it to keep their hair out of their face. It’s easy and has the right sort of laid-back summer vibes.

PSA: It’s Time to Get Ready for Beach Season

It’s officially summer! And while it’s way too late to do much about your beach bod, it is time to take a good long look at your body and make sure that your manscaping situation is in check. Here’s your seasonal list of things to take care of before hitting the beach.

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