Sons of Anarchy started off some years ago as a pretty cool show. It depicted an all-white biker gang running guns, abhorring drugs, and trying their best to keep the peace while they crafted their free wheeling existence. As it rolled into the second and third season I lost interest in it as the plot line became more and more ridiculous, with needless emotional drama and senseless violence heated up to overdrive.


It’s a shame really because it had all the ingredients of a great red pill show— a freedom-loving, system-disrespecting all male “outlaw” motorcycle club, taken from the mold of Hell’s Angels and Bandidos, doing their own thing to live the life they choose.

A similar trend in modern TV

There is a growing trend in television and movies where intelligent characters are forced into pointless melodrama that even the dumbest viewer can only shrug at. Plot lines that need a mathematics Ph.D to follow are written seemingly at random with total disrespect to the fans and viewers, with the most purposeless decisions made by characters that were initially portrayed to be so pragmatic and street smart.

Shows seem to compete to ramp up the hyped characters, murders, and plot twists that in all likelihood even the writers themselves have lost track of. It’s no longer entertainment with god forbid a little educational element, rather a distracted, hyperactive mind fuck, that aims to whirl a viewers emotions into an atrophied state.

To some degree it seems to be working, as there is plenty of evidence that people are lapping up not only this kind of content but plunging themselves into a general frenzy in everyday life as well. Once upon a time we had chiseled characters portrayed by the likes of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood and plot lines that were not only riveting but actually made sense.

The old Bond movies might have been kitsch but they were still “reasonably” solid entertainment that didn’t rely on an amphetaminic head rush of killing sprees and female soap opera style melodrama.

More recent shows such as The Sopranos, The Wire, and Battlestar Galactica were also decent, but the trend really started with Kiefer Sutherland’s 24 as roller-coaster plot twists moved into cartoonland. It’s so easy to get sucked into watching this drivel, people talk about it as if it’s real life and there is a strange kind of addictive quality to the stories, even through they ultimately prove to be anticlimactic and provide nothing of substance in the end.

As the final season comes to a close, the media begins to hark on about the show, as they did with SOA, leaving someone who has never seen it feeling as if they have missed out on some major life event.

The feminist politically correct agenda has also invaded the movies, not just in piffle like Sex and The City, but in many offerings that have some ultra intelligent (but suitably dramatic) fem playing the lead role and kicking ass, as only a scripted actor could do. Not even the violent post-apocalyptic world of The 100 is safe from this absurd paradigm. Here we find young sex kitten mid-20s girls running the show, fighting like men, being appointed and respected as leaders by grown men, all while running circles in pointless melodrama.

Looks like a natural leader to me

Looks like a natural leader to me

SOA was probably the worst of the bunch with the bikers’ wives and mothers largely calling the shots in later seasons, but we can see a growing pattern in television and movies (such as Hunger Games). Scripted, manicured, and perfectly dressed actresses portray a fantasy female role, that would be out of place in a manga cartoon, while men are made to look like chumps and buffoons. Men are shown to be overly violent, dishonest, completely engaged in the female world of drama and emotions, while constantly causing trouble.

The reverse is really the case, with the antsy female winding up the men, causing sexual tension and making unnecessary emotional demands. What’s more is that your average metrosexual wimp man would easily outdo even the most athletic female in a blow-by-blow physical fight. One smack on the nose and it’s all over. With wide hips more suited to birthing children, she’s all over the place. The male – female difference is dramatic and makes Hollywood look ridiculous.

While those of us that have taken the red pill can have a good laugh at these films, culturally they provide us with a number of problems. Firstly the degradation of entertainment which is an important part of a man’s relaxation after a busy day. I’m not suggesting plugging into every episode night after night, but a good movie can inspire, educate, and stimulate. Instead many are ingrained with cultural Marxism and feminism. I’m inclined to watch a few episodes on the hunt for something decent, but also to keep up with what mindfood the general public is ingesting.

A few decades ago, a man could tune out from some soap opera or rom com, but today even the action movies are embedded with female sex symbols as warrior leaders. Thus not only are we robbed of good entertainment, the general population around us is being programed with what amounts to propaganda.

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Ray Wolfson

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