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Subj: Destiny and Desire – The Answer to Lifelong Motivation

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There’s a little problem that afflicts a lot of entrepreneurs.

They find success, they make a lot of money, then they become complacent, bored, and they don’t want to work anymore.

It’s happened to me before in the past.

In my previous career I made a lot of money then I became bored to work. Then I didn’t work for a long time. All I did was play with my dogs, go to the gym and eat chicken wings.

I became so bored that I moved to China just to have something to do.

But that was a different time and I was a different man…

Today I admit to you that I’m a simple man and I’ve found happiness in my simplicity.

I like driving too fast, I like loud music, I like pockets full of cash and I make no apologies for it.

Since I like money I’m not going to stop working, even though I have enough money to live for a very long time without earning another penny.

I don’t have to do anything at all but I’m going to continue to build my empire. I’m going to continue because I am going to make 100% certain that I never have money issues again for the rest of my life.

You know why I like money? Because I’m not a moron. I like refrigerators, sunglasses, hotel rooms, air-conditioners, toilets with bidets, sushi and all the other great things money can buy.

Most of you reading this take those items I listed for granted, but I’ve met people who have never used a refrigerator, who have never owned a pair of sunglasses, have never been in an air-conditioned room and have never been in a restaurant.

That’s the reality of the world. Most people alive exist in poverty. They aren’t really alive because you can’t truly live unless you can afford to live.

I can afford to live well and it’s fantastic.

In my day-to-day I see the poorest of the poor. The most desperate of the desperate. So when I hear simple-minded people say “money doesn’t buy happiness” I can’t help but think that these people are naive and, frankly, stupid.

I’ve met people who work 16 hours per day in the hot sun and they live in homemade shacks. A few dollars always puts a smile on their face. I’ve seen first-hand money buying happiness.

So it’s not a debate. It’s not an if/or. It’s not a “yeah, but”. It’s a fact – money buys happiness.

But listen, other things make you happy as well. Things like sunshine, freedom, titties, and dogs.

And I’ll tell you for certain the biggest thing that makes you happy isn’t money, it’s mission. It’s fulfilling your destiny. It’s working the work you were born to work.

That’s what makes you happy. When you do that, follow your mission in life, money often comes to you.

Freedom is also terrific and freedom can make you happy. But I want to share with you an open secret about freedom….

The thing about freedom is that when you have too much you can become bored.

That’s the affliction that afflicts many entrepreneurs. They have enough money to do whatever they want… they often end up not doing much of anything.


  1. You can do anything you want every day of your life, what if you don’t want to do anything?
  2. What if you have more than enough money that you don’t have to do anything?

When that big success happens you often get bored because you stop working and, more importantly, you have no mission in life.

I could very easily be in that same spot right now. I don’t need to work, I don’t need to do anything at all and I’ll still make 10X the average American salary.

It’s a done deal already. I already did the work, now I’m reaping the rewards.

But more important than money is mission. Bold and Determined is my mission in life.

It’s my mission to bring you the message that you can do anything you want if you work towards it.

And hell, if you get it and then you get bored it meant that you weren’t following your life mission.

But hey, it’s better to be rich and bored than broke and bored. In my eyes only a loser could be broke and bored. A broke man should be working ’round the clock to make his money.

So how do you deal with a big success and keep moving forward?

It’s a good question because it happens to many entrepreneurs. They make a lot of money then they get bored to work. I’ve been there before.

The answer is destiny and desire. You have to have some fire inside that drives you.

You have to find what you were born to do. I was born for Bold and Determined, so it’s easy for me to never get bored.

What about you? Are you fulfilling your destiny or are you killing time until destiny finds you?

It’s clear that most people aren’t working the work they were born for, they’re just killing time.

So again, what about you? What is your destiny?

Hey, I wish I could tell you what your destiny is. But I only know what mine is.

Like the famous movie says, “you gonna have to figure that out for yourself“.

Until next time.

Your man,

-Victor Pride

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Pictured: Victor Pride in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

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