In order to give their online audience dynamic experiences, websites have started implementing special interactive features that let their customers get a better feel for the product they offer and allow them to customise, virtually build, view from 360 degree angle and even place their products in their virtual homes. Being able to customise your clothes, shoes, gates, cars or even bedroom furniture allows users and potential customers to really get lost in the world of product creating. Having a true photo quality virtual representation of the final result can be highly beneficial in order for a customer to make that crucial decision to buy.


Online furniture stores such as Ikea offer web-based room layouts which allow you to drag and drop pieces of their furniture and other accessories into your virtual rooms to help you get a better idea of space and how each piece will actually fit in your home. Ikea themselves have even gone one step further now allowing you to superimpose their furniture into your actual room. Their augmented reality app allows you to video your room using a smartphone or tablet and then to virtually insert the item in question, integrating it directly into a space in your room.



Portcullis Gate Builder


Portcullis gate builder allows you to virtually build and design real-life automatic gates online. With just a few clicks you can piece together exactly how you would like your new home gates to look by selecting your ideal bar designs, style, post tops and any relevant gate decorations to hep add the finishing touches to your finalised design. You can even use various sliders to adjust the width and height. From here you can then send your design directly to Portcullis who will then be in touch with you with further details and costs for your customised design.


Nike id


The fashion world has also welcomed the technology which lets its customers pick and choose variations of colours and patterns and giving you an instant virtual representation of your perfect outfit or footwear much like Nike ID’s Running Shoe feature available on the online Nike store.

Lego Digital Designer


The Lego Digital Designer is a cool online app that Lego employ that allows users to build their own dream models. With the designer you can access virtual pieces of logo that you can use to create practically whatever you want. You’ll even be able to access Lego Mindstorms and Technic elements as well to help you create exciting cool robots and more. When you’re done you can share your creations with friends, family, and the Lego community.