Remember the RompHim? Yeah, we do too. And not for good reasons. It’s a style innovation that really should not have been made in the first place. I mean, it’s a onesie but with shorts. It’s just another creation for frat boys to throw on while going to a music festival. Haven’t we had enough of that? You don’t really want to look like you’re a college kid wearing ridiculous “cool” clothes that then quickly fade out of style. It’s something that you look back upon and think, “Why did I ever wear this?” You know, like shoulder pads or leg warmers. They’re fads that weren’t that awesome to start with.

While the RompHim isn’t the style game-changer we were hoping for, it definitely isn’t the worst new style invention that has come along. With all the new style innovations that keep coming out, there will definitely be some duds. There are plenty of other clothing items and accessories that people actually thought were good ideas, but those ideas didn’t really turn into the most stylish objects.

So which style innovations didn’t make the world fall in love? Well, we’ve picked out a few creations that have been a setback to good style. Enjoy this gallery on 8 style innovations that truly are much worse than the RompHim

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