If the original Game Boy wasn’t portable enough for you, take a look at this keychain-size console.  

Though it’s no larger than a cigarette lighter, the PocketSprite is a fully functional emulator that plays classic video games from Game Boy, Sega, and other retro systems. 

Its near-microscopic size may seem absurd, but its creator, Jeroen Domburg, assures potential buyers that it is actually playable.    

The PocketSprite website touts its smooth OLED display, player-tested buttons, a rechargeable battery and an 8-bit speaker.

Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Master System and Game Gear titles come preloaded, while built-in Bluetooth and WiFi capability allow others to be added at the click of a mouse.

The device also runs open-source software, meaning the coding-capable can potentially add any game that can run on the miniscule system’s 520 KB of RAM. 

On the heels of successful…

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