Are you a Star Wars fan? No, no are you a real, collectible-obsessed Star Wars fan that believes fervently in intact packaging and first editions? Then boy, do we have something to show you.

This is the MusicMachine 3, a collaboration piece between Swiss music box maker Reuge and the thinktank MB&F. That’s what it is. What it looks like is obviously an amazing steel art rendering of a TIE fighter designed to celebrate all things Star Wars.

While the organizations responsible for this black-and-gleaming piece of art say that there were multiple sources of inspiration, they also admit that, duh, their primary muse was TIE fighter as first seen whining about the vast depths of space in an iconically menacing way.

Some of the details are very cool. There are two engine units complete with thrusts that both act as separate winding keys for the MusicMachine 3. The engines themselves are made from rollers that use miniscule pins to hammer out little melodies on steel comes. At the other engine of the engine are regulator fans to keep everything steady. The massive wired wings, meanwhile, help by acting as resonators to expand the sound. Oh, and while that black box designed to house and support the piece may look normal, it is actually wood from 350 year-old spruce trees with wood especially know for encouraging great harmonics.

About the tunes themselves, the MusicMachine 3 can handle six different songs depending on how it is wound, all of them quite nerdy. There’s Stars Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond themes on one roller. On the other roller you get The Godfather theme, Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, and the theme to The Persuaders starring Roger Moore.

If you are imagining a pretty high price tag for this beauty, then you’re right: The price will start at over $18,000. Like we said, it’s for the serious fan. The first two MusicMachines were also based on famous scifi work, if you are interested in learning more about them. Star Wars music is a common theme.

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