Takeaway: Over-investing in one area of your life—I call this tilting—is often worth the costs, especially when you do so deliberately.

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There’s a reason this blog has been a little light on posts lately: I’ve been writing another book! It’s another productivity project of sorts—and will be published by Penguin Random House in late 2018. I’ll have plenty more to say about the project later. I merely mention it here to give this article a bit of context.

Immediately after finishing writing and editing the book manuscript last weekend, I gave my office a super deep clean. I cranked Macklemore’s new album, fired up the Exercise app on my Apple Watch, and elevated my heart rate as I cleaned the hell out of my office. By midday, there wasn’t a baseboard that hadn’t been wiped; a square inch of the floor that hadn’t been scrubbed; a cable…

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