AV8R’s recent article is probably one of the most definitive guides to shielding yourself from the predatory female nature. With his insights I thought of my own experiences—and the mechanisms a woman uses began to become clearer to me. To catch a thief, think like a thief. By isolating her traits we can disassemble them and not only find ways to protect against them, but also use them to our advantage.


Emotion is a protective animal communication mechanism, by which the frightened rabbits know it’s time to run, or the hungry wolf pack works in unison to corner it’s pray. It is of little use to an individual other than as a means to read other people. Good salesman, players, famous leaders, CEOs etc. use emotion to project their will onto others, while avoiding it’s influence on themselves.

All emotion is essentially negative in its essence. Happy feelings often set up an over exuberance that leads to disappointment and even depression. A man must deal with his emotions by keeping them in check in real time. Bad experiences or even a cold mood from someone can cause a repressed state.

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A woman uses emotional “vibration” to control, manipulate and get what she wants for herself. Emotions can be very powerful and a woman’s ability to project a wide array of feelings onto a man should not be underestimated. While domestic violence is always blamed on the man, a man who is unable to prevent himself from being swept along in her storm of feelings is highly likely to become violent.

Perhaps in the future when emotions are better understood as some kind of radiowave transmitted between people, the aggressor will be seen as the one transmitting, not the one reacting. There have actually been experiments in this regard and certainly powerful leaders, advertising, music, imagery and speech are all used both positively and negatively to influence people’s feelings. Watch a horror movie then kill the sound. It’s all in the music. Emotions are literally being projected or vibrated at you.

We are tuned in by default as part of the herd protective instinct. Thus, a man must learn to not only steel his emotions but also process them and act rationally and accordingly – NEVER REACT – DON’T ALLOW REPRESSION – MAINTAIN FRAME. Then you can gradually translate the emotional signal into rational thought and take the appropriate action.

Men often say that women are impossible to understand and this is because they broadcast (animal) feelings, rather than communicate logically. It is your job to process those signals, prevent them from affecting you, not by repression, but by translation, comprehension, and action.


Young women are beautiful, no doubt. It is ironic that in order to fully capture and enjoy that beauty, a man must isolate and neutralize himself from its effects. Many men, myself included, are inclined to avoid fully rationalizing this problem because they fear they will no longer be able to enjoy the feminine beauty. There is a solution, however:


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By disassembling feminine beauty and establishing mechanisms in the mind to prevent its captivating and hypnotizing effect, a man is able to enjoy it in the confines of the bedroom. Only once she is enraptured in the sexual act can you fully appreciate her beauty. As soon as a woman is clothed and “back to normal,” the man’s force field must immediately go up. This is one of the reasons why porn, sexual imagery used in marketing, and even modern dress codes are so dangerous to a man—it allows him to enjoy the pleasure without ever gaining the inner strength needed.

Women are fully aware of their skills in this area and use interactions such as pillow talk, flashing some cleavage, and so forth to arouse the average man who is so easily persuaded to drop his shields. Disaster is only a few steps away from this man. He will do or say something and she will have him in her clutches which only leads to rejection.

The poor simp that can’t pick up a girl because he’s so mesmerized is in many ways better off than the semi-skilled player than catches her attention but later falls into her honey trap, only to wind up brokenhearted.


The woman’s reproductive biology dominates her body. So much of the woman’s system is required for her to incubate, birth, and nurture a baby that she can never completely get beyond her biology. In regards to sexual interactions she will be frivolous or evasive, because if she thought into the logistics of what amounts to an eight-pound parasite inside her for nine months and another year breast feeding night and day, in many cases she would simply forego it.

Today we have birth control, but technology cannot immediately overcome nature’s instinctive programming.This is why women are carefree, spontaneous, and prone to childish frivolity. Nature requires them to be that way. Nature does plenty of damage to a woman who reproduces and it doesn’t want her thinking into that—instead it gets her cooing about her lover or her newborn.

This why women can make very relaxing company for a man, but we must be mindful to understand that every advantage comes with a disadvantage. A man spending too much time in the company of women can begin to lose his rational edge; he can also lose a lot of time sitting about gossiping. Samson losing his strength was more a function of too much estrogen in the room, than haircuts.


The woman is prone to run her domestication (nesting) instinct once she’s in an LTR and this can rapidly shrink wrap a man’s world into suburban tedium. The air of civilization is what she uses to hide her weakness and insecurity. She also has less comprehension of what it means to take responsibility for herself, since society has traditionally given females a free ride.


Social Engineering

A busy man is not necessarily focused on social dynamics. In this technologically driven world, many professional fields require little social interaction. The blue pill wimpiness of modern day can be as much assigned to our technological world as it can to feminism, single mother upbringings, and false chivalry. The rise in professional PUAs charging for seminars is testament to this fact. Men know they can learn, but many simply forgot how.

A man must watch his behavior, especially around women of interest. A player will tell you that even the wrong “creepy” glance at a girl in a club will ruin any chances of picking her up. In this politically correct world anything you do or say may be used against you. It’s wise to bare that in mind whenever there is a woman in the room (for this purpose at least, they are all on the same team). An innocent comment overheard by her BFF may lead to gossip and a divorce suit in the making. The walls have ears and the female, while not as good at logistics and rational comprehension, is recording everything.

Performance, accomplishment and financial gain count for a certain amount, but even the wealthiest man can be brought down by a small social error. The social judgment is slow and runs over many months. There’s little need to get into huge details in this area, since it’s covered by game, sales, body language, positive mindset, frame, fitness, diet, appearance, and so forth. For a person to become more socially viable they simply need to make more efforts. It can be taxing for a man that just wants to roll out of bed and go to work in his overalls, or sits on a PC all day in baggy jeans and a T shirt – does appearance really matter?

How To Cope

A man needs space to prepare and also time alone to let his guard down. It’s my theory that the loss of privacy and ability to simply chill rapidly leads to the demise of many marriages. You can never fully relax around a women, until you have your cock insider her and she’s moaning your name. Frame, leadership, behavior, language, body language, appearance, even pretense must be maintained at all times outside of the sexual act. This of course is unrealistic 24/7 and a man should be wary to maintain his privacy.

Some writers present the impossible ideal that “game” becomes inbuilt and natural at one point, but a man that becomes all about presentation and social dynamics rapidly turns into a limp-wristed, politically correct loser. In the past men had their own bars and clubs where they could relax their language and presentation and operate in a purely male way.

The manosphere laments the loss of these things and the general female invasion of everything male, but by understanding her social skills we also understand exactly why she wants to rob a man of his privacy. By being aware of all the dynamics and weapons the predator uses, now we are better able to counteract them, even use them against her.

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