Before electronic communication became ubiquitous, people had to physically gather together—the power brokers of the day gathered in the royal palace. Access was naturally reserved only for the favored. Within the royal court all manner of courtesies (no prizes for guessing the origin of that word), had to be observed, so as to pay respects to the king of the day.

Unfortunately what started as an intelligent respect to a benevolent warrior who ruled his people with both an iron fist and a kind heart, (i.e. he earned his title by way of both the sword in wartime and the pen in peacetime), slowly gave way to a sycophantic nonsense, where no one could criticize anyone and even the slightest out of place comment could find one being led to the gallows.

Nowhere was this more pronounced than the era of Louis XVI, where the landed gentry basked in the royal wealth, while the people starved, and finally revolted by building guillotines to deal with their idiotic leaders. There are dozens of other examples. The Spanish squandered their wealth from the Americas while squabbling about who had insulted God. Charles the 1st of England had his head cut off by Cromwell, etc.

The paradigms of unworthy, ignorant, arrogant, and lazy leadership generally takes some generations to fall into place. This process is most easily tracked in the royal courts, since the blood line held the power. The mighty warrior who had nothing to lose, vanquished his foes, built castles, protected the lands and was truly loved by the people was seen almost as a God. His son had a much easier time, but direct education from his father ensured he was no layabout.

However, by the time we get a couple of generations further down and add in the genes from one useless wench or other (and optional inbreeding), the great grandson was a wimp king with no balls, a weak heart, health and mental problems, an arrogant ambivalent attitude, out of touch with the people and completely inept in every way. He’d make up for his shortcomings by wielding his power and wealth to cut down anyone that criticized him, being incredibly cruel and indulging himself in all manner of trivial and hedonistic pursuits.

King Joffrey in Game of Thrones makes for the perfect example of a wimp king. Wimp kings also surround themselves with yes men to ensure they never had to deal with their own short comings. In effect, they leverage and mortgage the wealth and popularity their forefathers created, while putting nothing back into their financial, moral, or social sphere.

The modern equivalent

Although in the modern era we lack royal families that play any meaningful role, the royal lineage (of sorts) can now be found in career politicians. Politicians today mince about in expensive suits, ride in armor-plated limos, helicopters, and private jets, surrounded by an army of yes men who never dare say a word out of place.

Politicians have truly grown so comfortable, lazy, and arrogant that they appreciate nothing. They pontificate as if they could spin the world on the palm of their hand, they lap up adoring praise like rocks stars, while motoring through taxpayer dollars, mortgaging the national debt and creating nothing of value whatsoever.

They have installed a system that prevents anyone who thinks outside the box from rising to a position of power. Everyone must nod their head at the emperor’s new clothes. The detractors are all part of the same royal court and the open criticisms from “rival” parties, just more of the same, from people all cut of the same cloth.


Spot The Difference : Hint – there is none!

The President of The United States or the Prime Minister of England was once a noble and time-honored position of power, precisely because those who occupied it were intelligent men, who aimed to shape the world and provide at least a semblance of benefit for their “subjects.” Today it’s nothing more than a five star meal ticket for life and a membership to the golf course of your choice.

Our leaders are completely useless. Arrogant, lazy, ignorant pontiffs who couldn’t change a light bulb without 10 yes men to hold their hand and tell them how great their asshole smells. Meanwhile, the light bulb supplier who bought them a champagne breakfast last month gets to charge $10,000 for a $2 unit and no one dare make mention of his trickery.

This attitude runs through all our institutions: judicial (police, lawyers and judges), educational (schools and universities), military, and even science is tainted with what must be politically correct and sit within predefined criteria, as insiders rob the coffers at will.

How the royal court typically plays out

It thus shouldn’t surprise you to see that those who occupy peripheral positions of celebrity and status are all tarred with the same politically correct brush, akin to the royal courtiers of old. The meeting point of choice is no longer the royal court where the king holds forth, but a peculiar modern electronic version of it.

People become “outraged” on Twitter over some comment or other that is made, but honestly all they are doing is seeking attention whilst also trying to invalidate and undermine their competition. A recent example would be the release of the American Sniper movie that seems to have had comments flying on Twitter, so much so that the media feels the need to report on it endlessly, like some gossiping foot-maiden might have in days of old.


It is what it is, and having the read the book I don’t see that Chris Kyle particularly glamorized war, he simply explained his experiences. On face value a hard-assed, brave man was in the bigger picture a pawn in a peculiar, unjustified, and illegal war. The picture is easy to see, but the Twitter courtiers start up with all manner of left wing and right wing comments, side tracking the real issues and missing the point entirely. They are only interested in their five seconds in the spotlight. They are worse than our leadership because they have neither power nor intelligence.

The treasury is still being robbed and the public at large remain baffled by the “fog of debate.” Meanwhile the Euro currency collapses, and the Swiss Franc gained 20% in a single day, because that’s one of the only sound minded fiscally conservative countries left on the planet. The oil economy is in the dumpster in large part because interest rates have been forced artificially lower and lower, which if you think into it logically is very similar to the USSR forcing bread prices lower and lower, leading to less and less of an economy.

Lots of talk and no action

Politicians pontificate about stimulating the economy, when in reality the only thing they are stimulating is their own ego. Their courtiers get on Twitter and run their mouths with much ado about nothing, and the world spins a day closer to a catastrophic depression, war, famine, plague, etc. Some blame Illuminati or Zionists, but in truth the only real conspiracy going on is one of woeful human ignorance. Guillotines may well make a come back soon—if economic and social conditions continue to worsen, I suspect that eventually heads are going to roll.

Begin to mentally separate yourself from the system, you will then naturally become a part of its demise. The entire social order is an empty vessel, a wimp king, a paper bag with nothing inside. It is little more than a psychological game—the whole thing will cave in as more people see what it’s made of.

Wake up: red pill is about much more than pussy. Smile at the farce that is taking place before your eyes—we live in what will be a most incredible moment in human history. Even if it’s the end of days, we might as well be consciously aware of it. Most likely it’s just another turn in the cycle of mankind that’s been repeated thousands of times before. See you all on the other side.

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Ray Wolfson

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